Sales Titan automates various types of businesses.

Leverage our tools and integrations to reach your target audience, promote your products, and generate leads. With our platform, you have all the essentials to market your products and expand your business.

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Online & offline
Implement a cohesive automation strategy for all your stores, whether they are online, brick-and-mortar, or a combination of both.

Deeply Personalized
Monitor every interaction and behavior to activate automation that tailors the shopping experience extensively for each individual customer.

Engage with customers timely and through their preferred channel, whether it be email, SMS, or social media.

DTC (Direct-to-Consumer)

Leverage your data
Utilize your customer data effectively to automate optimal experiences for every shopper.

Optimize path to revenue
Efficiently guide consumers through your funnel by delivering the right content, at the right time, through the right channels.

Drive repeat purchases
Implement automated actions tailored to key customer segments to unlock recurring revenue for your business.

Connect your store

Connect your store for seamless real-time data synchronization, empowering you to efficiently manage and expand your business.


Up-to-date catalogs
Keep your product catalogs continually updated to reflect the latest pricing and stock changes from your store.

Drive intent
Utilize features such as forms, abandoned cart recovery, and ad integrations to convert visits into purchases.

Unlock new revenue
Automate based on behavioral data to cross-sell additional products to new customers, typically purchased together.


360˚ view of your customers
Utilize automation to track, engage, and convert business leads, propelling your wholesale business to new heights.

Mulit-store & multi-currency
Run multiple stores selling in various countries while leveraging the same automation strategy.

Build for B2B
Automate the assignment of deal values, customization of account fields, and attachment of contracts to each customer record.


Demand & Supply
Craft superior, distinct experiences for both buyers and sellers.

Achieve liquidity faster
Through automation, buyers discover a diverse range of excellent products, while sellers achieve swift sales..

All your data in one place
Sync data from all the apps vital for growing your marketplace and leverage it to automate all workflows.

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