Automate Customer Experiences for Shopify

Integrate Shopify with Sales Titan to enhance shopper engagement throughout their purchase journey, fostering a sense of comfort that encourages repeat purchases. Acquire more customers, increase sales, and re-engage shoppers to transform them from newcomers into loyal regulars.

Automatically nurture your customers

When linked with Sales Titan, Shopify users can leverage purchase behavior to convert first-time buyers into repeat customers. Automatically dispatch discount offers to first-time buyers after a set time following their initial purchase, send text messages to encourage reviews from customers, and much more.

Educate yourself on your customers

With Sales Titan and Shopify, you can monitor your customers' purchase history and suggest future purchases accordingly. This can be implemented in promotional emails, SMS messaging, and various other channels.

Foster brand loyalty

Engage customers in personalized ways to establish a connection between you and them, transforming first-time purchasers into brand loyalists. Send relevant and timely messages to cultivate trust with customers.


Which emails should you send?

You should be empowered to send email campaigns tailored to your business requirements. That's why we provide you with maximum control over your emails.


Begin with a solid foundation.

Utilize these complimentary tools and templates to enhance your utilization of Sales Tita + Shopify.

Email templates for nurturing leads

E-commerce Integration and Automation Starter Bundle

Integrate with Shopify