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Utilizing intelligent marketing automation allows you to create seamless customer experiences that captivate your audience and foster expansion.

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What distinguishes us

Automation lies at the core of our platform. Featuring a vast array of automation triggers and actions, alongside conditional routing and an AI-driven drag-and-drop builder, our system enables you to craft intricate automations more swiftly and comprehensively than any other solution.

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Artificial Intelligence

Proficiency enabled AI Processes

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks. Salestitan's AI-powered processes ensure round-the-clock efficiency with task automation and personalized AI knowledge bases.

The reviews are in:

We’re the most positively reviewed marketing automation platform in the world

What sets us apart

At the core of our platform lies automation. With a plethora of triggers and actions, conditional routing, and an AI-driven drag-and-drop builder, you can swiftly craft more intricate automations than competing solutions.


Sales Titan: Email & Marketing Automation

Everything you need to market and grow your business

Sales Titan: CRM & Sales Automation

Optimize your 1:1 sales outreach, track your pipeline, and close deals faster

Sales Titan for E-commerce

Transform your store into a money-making machine

Sales Titan for Franchises

Total control across all operations for multi-location brands and franchises

Enhance your tool usage with outstanding customer support.

Book personalized 1:1 sessions with our onboarding experts for support and contact migration, access our extensive resource library, and receive tailored assistance from our dedicated customer service team whenever you require it.

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Open rates - up from 22%

People often jest when I bring up Sales Titan, teasing that I sound like a paid spokesperson. I assure them that it's not the case—I genuinely believe in it because it has significantly simplified my life."

206 %

Year-on-year revenue growth, supported by email marketing

After implementing Sales Titan, our deliverability and open rates saw an immediate improvement. It felt almost effortless."

93 %

Increase in contacts in 6 months

Since transitioning to Sales Titan, our developers can dedicate 100% of their time to the Iconosquare App, and our Sales and Marketing teams have become more aligned and productive."

120 %

Increase in conversion rate

We're monitoring trials initiated and trial conversions, and currently, we're achieving a conversion rate of over 20%. Prior to Sales Titan, our conversion rate was less than 10%.

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