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Construct email newsletters. Develop campaigns. Dispatch compelling emails to remain at the forefront of your audience's attention—and provide precisely what they desire to see.

What categories of email should you dispatch?

You should have the capability to send email campaigns that align with your business objectives. That’s why we provided you with maximum control over your email.

Without segmentation...

With segmentation…

Send what people want to see

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Tags allow you to categorize, organize, send, and automate.

"Segmentation" might seem complicated, but "tagging" is easy. Using tags to segment is as simple as attaching a sticky note to your contacts. Once a tag is added, it stays there permanently, letting you target that specific contact whenever you need.

Did you know? You can add tags automatically.

When contacts visit your website or click on links in your emails, they reveal their interests. You can automatically assign tags based on these actions, allowing you to send them content tailored to their preferences.

Tailor your email content based on tags.

Utilize tags to send a single email with varied conditional content. By using tags, you can swap sections of text or images, ensuring each contact sees content tailored to their interests.

What methods can you use to segment your audience?

Different groups of individuals prioritize various aspects, necessitating distinct communication approaches. Utilize tags, custom fields, and data gathered within SalesTitan to create as many groups as needed.

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