Integrate Square with Sales Titan

Utilize online marketing to enhance your physical store’s performance. Transition offline conversations to online platforms and engage in personalized communication to drive foot traffic. With Sales Titan, tailor your messages based on collected data, enabling customized emails, Facebook Ads, site messages, or texts using Square’s insights.

Leverage Customer Insights

Every purchase yields valuable information. By integrating Square with your Sales Titan account, harness this data to craft personalized messages for your customers.

Enhance Sales Through Informed Insights

Accessing detailed purchase data empowers you to offer targeted cross-sells and upsells, fostering business growth and customer retention.

Bridge Online and Offline

Discover how online marketing can augment brick-and-mortar business. Sales Titan facilitates the transition of offline interactions to online platforms, employing personalized communication to drive customers back to your physical store.

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Resources to get you started

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Instant set-up. No credit card required.