Easily Manage Leads with Our Automated CRM System

Streamline your contact management with a powerful CRM, letting automation handle routine tasks so your team can focus on closing deals.

Can sales automation boost your efficiency?

Manual, repetitive tasks can eat up your time and cause potential contacts to slip through the cracks. Sales automation streamlines contact management, lead scoring, deal and pipeline monitoring, and task tracking. This eliminates wasted time and ensures your sales process runs efficiently.


Visualize the Future of Your Business with the Perfect CRM

One crucial aspect I stress is the necessity of having a CRM. Yet, it transcends mere adoption; it's about envisioning your business's tomorrow. Sales Titan propels my team forward, maintaining focus on the future.

Increase in deals closed
30 %
Less time on task
20 %

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Sales Titan provides you with the fundamental tools for success both presently and in the long term.

Bid farewell to the hassle of sorting through emails, business cards, and obsolete CRMs.

Manual tasks that eat up time and potential contact oversights can be frustrating. Automating contact management, lead scoring, deal and pipeline tracking, and task management eradicates these inefficiencies. With a sales automation + CRM platform, your sales process operates seamlessly.

Effective contact management ensures that no sales contacts are overlooked or forgotten.

Automated contact management offers a comprehensive overview of your entire sales process. By automating task assignments and sales routing, your sales team remains synchronized. Track interactions at every stage of the sales cycle and seamlessly pick up where others left off.

Lead scoring distinguishes between leads to prioritize and those to nurture.

Which leads demand your immediate attention? Who is ready to convert into a customer? When is the opportune moment to shift a lead from marketing to sales? Rely on lead scoring, win probability, and automated segmentation to pinpoint the perfect times for outreach endeavors.

Effortlessly connect your Outlook, Gmail, or other email provider

Handle contacts and their corresponding emails seamlessly within your Sales Titan account via our pre-integrated email connections. Monitor email opens and responses, and access contact details instantly whenever you require them.

Fuse the customer experience across sales and marketing with an intelligent CRM integration.

Eliminate the divide between sales and marketing by establishing a unified CRM. Utilize sales engagement automation to keep your CRM updated with the latest customer data, enabling sales teams to focus on the most qualified leads and valuable customer interactions.

Seal deals on the move with our mobile CRM solution.

Access contact details, create and oversee tasks, send messages, and update deals wherever you are. All critical information is constantly within reach.

Effortlessly merge your CRM with your existing sales tools.

Your business deserves the flexibility to utilize the sales software that best fits its needs. That's why we seamlessly integrate with hundreds of different apps, ranging from SMS and VoIP systems like Twilio to email providers like Sendgrid and live meeting software like Zoom.

Integrate sales automation into your operations.

Begin a free trial of Sales Titan today and enjoy the advantages of CRM automation, no credit card required. Join our satisfied customers worldwide!

It converts beginners into email automation experts
“You can have your campaign ready to go in minutes, even if you're not familiar with the software and lack technical skills. It converts beginners into email automation experts."

— Roger L.