Without the ability to track leads, how will you acquire customers?

Wondering where to focus your efforts: social media, SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads, or email? Customer attribution reveals your most effective strategies, simplifying the identification of your top-performing marketing channels.

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Track customers' journeys from beginning to end, then leverage data to uncover trends.

Which performs better for conversion: social media or search? What factors increase visitor conversion likelihood? Generate attribution reports to evaluate the effectiveness of all touchpoints leading up to a customer's conversion.

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Follow customers' journeys from beginning to end, then utilize data to uncover patterns.

Through attribution, you'll discern which marketing and advertising endeavors are generating leads for your business, enabling you to optimize your ad spend and make more informed business decisions.

Compatible with your current UTM link tracking.

Attribution leverages industry-standard UTM parameters to track visitor sources once site tracking is activated.

How does sales automation enable you to sell more efficiently?

Sometimes mundane, manual tasks eat at your calendar. Other times contacts slip out of your funnel. When you can automate contact management, score leads, monitor deals and pipeline, and track tasks, the time sinks disappear. A sales automation CRM keeps your entire sales process moving smoothly.

Activate automations and establish segments according to customer origin. Determine which sources yield the highest lead conversions.

When you click on a contact, you can view the precise path they followed—from Google, to Twitter, to Facebook, to web search, culminating in conversion.

Utilize attribution data to tailor your follow-up according to your leads’ sources and their actions.

Notify your team when a conversion occurs. Define custom conversion events based on your specific business goals.

Attribute leads to conversions

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