Enhance Automations with Click, Drag, and Split

Effortlessly refine your automations with the split action feature, providing greater control and visibility. This empowers you to evaluate effectiveness, deliver personalized experiences, and streamline workflows with efficiency — without the need for an abundance of separate automations.

Use testing to make your automations more effective.

Unsure if your marketing funnel is effective? The split automation action allows you to compare entire automation workflows. Say goodbye to wondering which email garnered the most clicks and hello to determining which funnel attracted the most customers.

Unlock Insights with
Split Testing

What can you split test?

When conducting A/B tests on your automation workflows, virtually anything you can automate is up for testing. Determine the winning variant based on factors such as conversion rates, email opens, or any other metric you select.


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Manage limited-time offers without worrying about tech issues.

Concerned about offers ending at midnight or limited supply? The split automation action simplifies the control of your funnel's details. No more staying up until midnight, anxiously hovering over the "turn off automation" button. Set the time and forget about it! 

Segment Automations by Conversions

Facing limited seats or products? Instead of managing multiple automations, utilize the split action to tailor offers until sold out. Afterwards, seamlessly direct other contacts down alternative automation paths.

Here's how you might segment based on conversions:

Segment Automations by Time

It's sale time! Share details of time-limited events with contacts and automatically adjust your funnel once the event concludes.

Here are some scenarios for segmenting based on time: