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Marketing, or in this case Digital-Marketing, as described by Charles Dennis in his book (Marketing the e-Business), is “the application of the internet and related digital technologies to achieve marketing objectives”.

Objectives of marketing are the identification, anticipation, and satisfaction of consumers’ needs in a profitable manner.

  • Identifying – Using the internet (i.e. social media and other websites) to find out customers’ needs and wants
  • Anticipating – The demand for digital services
  • Satisfying – Achieving customer satisfaction raises issues over whether the platform is easy to use, whether the tools perform adequately and how they are optimized for the best user experience and outcome

Digital marketing, in its simplest form, is the promotion of a product or service via the use of digital media. Developing a plan to communicate effectively with target audiences is still at the heart of marketing. The variety of choices is what’s changed. Among them are:

  • Pay per click (PPC) Advertising
  • Banners Ads
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Interactive Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing or Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook/Google Ads)

While traditional marketing methods such as advertising, direct mail, and public relations (PR) will continue to play a part, the role of digital marketing as a new channel has substantially grown in the past decade and has captured the market share, according to MAGNA (Global advertising forecast). The advertising industry is expected to generate a total of (US) $828 billion in revenue in 2022, up 9.2 percentage points over 2019’s pre-pandemic levels.

The total value of the worldwide internet advertising industry was estimated at $319 billion in 2019, growing at a CAGR of 17.2 percent from 2020 to 2027 to a total of $1,089 billion. When compared to the costs of more traditional forms of advertising, like television and newspapers, the returns on investment for this sort of marketing are far higher.

When it comes to TV specifically, MAGNA reports that US ad expenditure on linear TV is expected to be $38.6 billion this year, a decrease of 4% from 2017.

Note: The above stats are reported in Forbes.

Companies have a hard time keeping up with the daily influx of data (about 2.5 quintillion worth) and finding effective methods to organize and use it. Using the aforementioned information, businesses are now required to obtain help from external tools, and that is why the AtmosAI Marketing Module is developed to plan and boost marketing performance more efficiently and help clients maintain a competitive advantage.

Every marketer can and should use smart tools for this purpose. With the help of AtmosAI Marketing tools, marketers can turn data collection into knowledge-based interactions with customers and prospects, allowing for smarter, more predictable marketing results.

But why AtmosAI?

AtmosAI Marketing Module features include:

Automations (Schedule and send multi-step sequences and broadcasts)

The must-have feature for any Marketing or Business tool out there is to have the ability to automatically send emails, posts, memos, notifications, updates, etc., on any given period as scheduled by management. This feature is very handy especially when work is required to be done on weekends and the organization doesn’t want to pay overtime or upset its employees by calling them in the office on weekends – simply schedule an email or drip campaign to send at your preferred release date and time.

A/B Testing (Compare campaign variants via our split-testing technology)

A/B testing on the Atmos-AI platform allows marketers to compare many variations of a product’s title and/or keywords. They may also be programmed to take over automatically after a certain number of days based on the outcomes of an internal competition for the best test results (The duration is up to you). This lets you leverage the most successful titles, descriptions, and headlines to boost conversions or gather contact information.

Email Template Builder (Create simple text and visual templates. If needed, save for later)

Follow-up emails, newsletters, transactional messages, and email campaigns are just some of the types of emails that may benefit from the reliability, ease of use, and efficiency of the AtmosAI visual email template builder.

Listings and Ads (Boost awareness by building and publishing Listings and Ads)

This feature allows marketers to reach more potential buyers for your marketplace item by boosting your listing. Your listing then turns into an ad so more people can see it, which may help you to sell your item faster.

Broadcasts (Send emails in bulk to leads, contacts, and customers)

With AtmosAI one can not only just schedule emails but simultaneously send them to multiple email addresses or broadcast them to a larger audience at once.

Sequences (Build, schedule, and send custom drip campaigns)

Email sequences, otherwise known as drip campaigns, are similar to email broadcasts and may be sent to a large audience. However, with sequences, a chain of several emails may be sent at the preferred release date and time. To give an example, schedule email one to be sent tomorrow, email two to be sent in two days and email three to be sent three days later.

Triggers (Use triggers to initiate actions based on system events)

As a marketing strategy, triggers are defined as a kind of marketing in which a predetermined action, such as the occurrence of a certain customer journey event, automatically prompts the delivery of a message to prospective or existing consumers or other actions. Any of the aforementioned communication channels may be used to convey this message.

Headline Optimizer (Use A/B (or split) testing to optimize various headlines

A catchy headline is what gets the audience’s attention, whether it is a social media post, a Youtube thumbnail, or a business website’s blog, and AtmosAI’s Headline Optimizer helps create variations of many different headlines according to different marketers’ needs and helps them create attention-grabbing headlines.


The reality of today’s business world is that it has now become a Global Digital Village, where things move at a very fast pace, making it difficult for any business to run or survive without the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The purpose of the AtmosAI Marketing Module is to create efficiencies with this process through which the Marketing team and the business owners can achieve the maximum output of their workforce’s potential.

AtmosAI Marketing Module enables the development of more refined marketing tactics, increasing the likelihood of converting more prospects into buyers and simplifying operations throughout the customer experience.

If you’re interested in exploring the capabilities of the AtmosAI Marketing Module, you can get started here. We have a personalized demo for those who are interested.

For further questions or clarifications, we can be reached at


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