AtmosAI Team Management Suite, Managing Sales Teams And Distribution Channels To Enhance Performance.

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What is Team Management?

The term “Team management” is used to describe the processes that help a group of people work together toward a common goal. Team members must put the team and its goals above anything else. They need to have laser-like concentration on their targets.

Team management is an important part of the business cycle for wholesalers and distributors. How a company’s sales team performs is directly proportional to its revenue and, ultimately, profits, which bodes well for the company’s future. Companies need an effective team & distribution management system to maintain their competitive edge and satisfy their clientele.

The goal of any team is to achieve ultimate efficiency in delivering quality products or services or completing tasks. Both partially and completely finished products are distributed to the right place, on time & in proper condition. Physical distribution planning should align with the overall channel strategy.

Keeping in mind the challenges modern-day managers face, AtmosAI has developed and designed a Team Management Suite to help you manage your team and keep track of their activities. Hence, it becomes easy for you to evaluate their performance.

AtmosAI Team Management Suite Features:

Automated Onboarding: Spend less time onboarding agents and more time on sales.

Time is money; if you spend all of your time onboarding and assigning tasks, then your team and you will not be able to meet the sales targets on time. With the AtmosAI Team management suite, automate the onboarding process so that you can spend more time selling.

Teams and Territories: Group agents for enhanced tracking capability and competition.

Forming Teams and Assigning Territories to a group of agents has always been a hassle for Executives. That is why AtmosAI Team Management has provided a dedicated Team and Territories section so that you can easily manage your teams, create groups with managers and assign territories.

Hierarchy Management: Create and manage sophisticated uplines and downlines.

A Hierarchy keeps your troops in check. A decent hierarchy mixes skilled and experienced employees who can train and handle new employees. With AtmosAI Team Management, you can easily define Hierarchies and assign them to respective teams.

Product Assignment: Choose which salespeople sell which products or services.

Assign Products and services to the team and forget about it. The AtmosAI Team Management will remember it for you, and by using filters, you can quickly check which product or service is assigned to which team and how they are progressing.

Manager Assignment: Assign managers for Team and Territory oversight.

Assign Managers for Teams and Territories along with Campaigns and keep an eye on how they are performing; AtmosAI Team Management will help keep track of teams and your manager’s performance in check.

Contract Templates: Utilize template contracts and customize them to fit your need.

Create customized customer contracts and assign them to the product or services. You can also create unique contracts as per the customer’s requirements. Keep all the contracts organized in one place and easily update them if deemed necessary.

Replicated Sites: Give agents and affiliates replicated eCommerce sites.

Replicated sites look like regular websites. But, if someone orders a product through an agent’s replicated site, a commission is auto-generated for that agent. For example, Affiliate programs allow content creators to share an affiliate link through their platform and earn some commission every time someone uses their link.

Bonus: You can have as many replicas as the number of your agents. Our AWS infrastructure is organized in a way that doesn’t let it create a burden on the system.

Companies and Groups: Supercharge your distribution with many entity types.

With AtmosAI Team Management, create a Distribution center/database that includes a list of companies with their information: Name. Contact, Email ID, Phone, Address, etc.

What makes an excellent Team?

In a team, there is less emphasis on individuals’ performances and more on the group. Since every team is formed to achieve a specific objective, everyone should put in maximum effort and cooperate with their teammates. The team members must complete one another and provide a hand when needed. Each team member must do their part and complete the work within the allotted time limit.

Giving frequent feedback to team members is the most efficient strategy to improve your staff. Many of us dread providing criticism, mainly when it must be constructively delivered. However, giving and receiving feedback regularly is the key to raising productivity levels.

If you’re interested in exploring the capabilities of the AtmosAI Team Management Suite, you can get started here. We have a personalized demo for those who are interested.

For further questions or clarifications, we can be reached at


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