Identify the deals that warrant more attention.

Utilize win probability to assess the likelihood of deal closure, guiding your approach to nurturing leads through automations or providing personalized outreach.

Optimize Customer Acquisition

Refine your customer acquisition strategy by directing resources towards high-probability prospects, reducing expenses and time wasted on unlikely conversions.

Focus on Certainty, Not Speculation

Utilize win probability metrics to identify impactful actions leading to successful closures, avoiding unnecessary expenditures on speculative efforts.

Strategize with Confidence

Leverage data-driven forecasts to gain foresight into your sales pipeline, ensuring informed decisions and minimizing surprises at month-end.

Enhance Sales and Marketing Alignment

Streamline the transition of leads from marketing to sales by leveraging win probability insights, ensuring sales teams receive warm leads poised for conversion.

Tailor Win Probability to Your Business

Customize win probability settings to prioritize factors most conducive to deal closure within your unique pipeline dynamics.

Harness Data Intelligence

Leverage comprehensive data analysis to derive actionable insights for your sales process, leveraging the power of win probability to optimize performance and drive success.


A real-world example of win probability

Here's a glimpse of win probability in action, illustrated through the lens of salesperson aiming to close a deal:

Engaging a New Lead with Multiple Social Profiles

Those with multiple social connections exhibit a higher likelihood of closure, warranting immediate email outreach.

Lead Schedules Appointment for the Next Day

Win probability increases as a lead schedules a showing, prompting automated follow-up emails post-showing to nurture the potential deal further.

Lead Fails to Open Follow-Up Email

A lead's failure to engage with a follow-up email results in a decline in win probability. Swift action is necessary—consider following up with a phone call to reignite interest.

Exploring Two Additional Options

Following the successful phone call, the lead expresses interest in viewing two more product options, significantly boosting the win probability. It's time to guide them towards closing the deal.

Lead Responds to Proposal

While the deal isn't finalized yet, the lead's decision to respond to the proposal substantially elevates the win probability. Congratulations on a job well done!

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