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Where do you find your best potential leads?

Our Sales CRM consolidates essential information vital for shaping your sales approach. Automation handles tedious tasks, allowing your team to prioritize sales efforts effectively.

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Sales Titan's lead scoring feature revolutionized our sales process.

With its intuitive interface and robust algorithms, we can easily identify and prioritize our most promising leads. This has significantly increased our efficiency and effectiveness in closing deals. Highly recommended!

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Keep Your Team Informed About the Hottest Leads

Stay updated on lead activity with real-time notifications as leads show increased interest. Automatically trigger email alerts and assign tasks based on changes in lead scores, ensuring prompt follow-ups with the most promising deals.

Initiate Automations for Your Most Engaged Contacts

Once a contact reaches a specific score threshold, kickstart an automation sequence tailored to their interests. Deliver relevant information to your highly engaged contacts automatically, paving the way for compelling offers.

Score Individual Contacts or Overall Deals

Evaluate the engagement level of individual contacts by assigning scores based on their actions and interests. Alternatively, assign a score to the overall deal to gauge its likelihood of closure, even in cases of contact turnover.

Customize Scores for Each Offering

If your business offers multiple products or services, set up distinct lead scoring systems to track interest levels for each offering separately. This ensures comprehensive monitoring of engagement across all your offerings.

Tailor Scores According to Any Criteria

Whether it's email opens, form submissions, site visits, or email replies, customize lead scores based on virtually any action. Our flexible system empowers you to establish lead scoring rules that align perfectly with your business objectives.


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