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We all know that Sales is any company’s Oxygen – Backbone – Lifeline. Without sales, there is no income; without income, there is no paying of expenses and no legitimate reason to exist.

To keep your company healthy, you need to have a steady flow of sales, and to keep generating enough income, you must implement a solid sales-generating system.

What is a Sales Generating System?

A sales-generating system helps you generate sales by creating a process in which a series of predetermined actions are taken to convert a potential customer into a paying one. It helps you search/sort products, select/compare products, and checkout customers, starting with the initial point of contact and ending with post-sale follow-up; the entire sales process is accounted for.

With the help of different modules integrated within our system, like CMS, Call center, and Team management, we have created a system that will not only help your company secure convertible leads but will also help reduce sales conversion time so that you can focus on more important tasks like:

  • Focusing on your targeted audience
  • Seeking higher conversion rates
  • Tasks assignment and follow-up for each team member
  • Team performance evaluations
  • Training and Development of sales force

Sell results, not just products or services.

Your sales approach should begin with a concise explanation of the problem you can address for your potential client. Your potential customer doesn’t know the value of what you’re selling until well into the sales process. You may pitch your product or service as a solution to their problem if you anticipate their situation beforehand.

ATMOS-AI Sales Portal

The developers of AtmosAI have developed a system that will help you organize and streamline your sales process but also helps you keep track of your products and customers. Our Sales Portal gives you more autonomy over processes and the opportunity to track the productivity of your salesforce on an individual or group basis. Each salesperson may be provided the ability to narrow products using filters, compare products, and lead customers through the checkout process. The Sales Portal has customizable product views and creates an enjoyable experience for your distribution and prospective client.


Product Catalogue: Detailed product list reflected from specifics within PIM System.

Multiple people and departments in an organization can benefit from having access to a comprehensive product catalog, including salespeople, buyers, stockers, field marketers, and managers.

Essential information for making a buying decision can be found in a product catalog, such as features, descriptions, measurements, price, weight, availability, color, user reviews, and more.

Product Filters: Quickly filter, select and close deals based on client needs.

It is essential in modern sales that salespeople have the option to filter products to save time and effort while looking for what customers need. Customers expect to have quick service while shopping, and the lack of this feature in any shop can affect sales. Luckily, AtmosAI has integrated a tool called “Product Filters” that can help.

If a Salesperson can’t find what the customers are looking for within the first 15 seconds, 75% of users will abandon the site. Product Filters streamline and quicken the time spent looking for products. So do not lose potential customers.

Checkout Feature: Create an instant client via a convenient payment feature.

The Checkout feature allows the salesperson to easily check out the customer, having multiple payment options like Paypal, Stripe, and more.

CRM Integrated: Fully integrated with current leads, contacts, and customers

Integrating the CRM platform with the other modules allows for seamless data transfer in all directions. Integrating CRM with other modules is to have a centralized repository for all your customer data.

To learn more about AtmosAI CRM, click here.

Commissions Integrated: Give salespeople access and generate commissions

Sales commissions are an important part of a salesperson’s compensation and our Commissions. The module makes it easier for firms to keep track of these commissions and payout salespeople the money they’ve earned.

To learn more about AtmosAI Commissions, click here.

Cart Functionality: Select and add multiple items to the cart before checkout

A shopping cart helps you select and add multiple items, with the ease of adding and removing items from the cart as customers change their minds. It keeps the items that you have selected organized in one place so that you can recheck and confirm whether your client still wants an item or not. It also shows the total amount of items selected and the associated costs.

Transactional Emails: Create an order and send instant receipts to your customer.

A “transactional email” is a form of automated, one-on-one correspondence between a sender and a recipient. Transactional emails, such as order confirmations, are sent in response to choices made by the client and actions taken by the salesperson or agent.

Financial Integrated: Orders and relevant commissions consolidate to Financial.

Our Financials Module is Integrated with the Sales portal so that users only have to input data once, and our system will automatically link it with the Financials. All of our modules are designed to facilitate the management and growth of relationships through a set of related organizational tools, contact and account databases, and predefined workflows.

To learn more about AtmosAI Financial Module, click here.

From Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurs

We’ve been in your situation. The founders of AtmosAI have owned and worked with a wide range of businesses, and the software was developed to solve many of the business pain points they have witnessed over the years. With AtmosAI Sales Portal and other modules, you can free yourself from mundane tasks, save resources, and ultimately build stronger, long-term relationships with your clients.

If you’re interested in exploring the capabilities of AtmosAI’s Sales Portal Module, you can get started by clicking here.

For further questions, clarifications, or to secure a demo, we can be reached at


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