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Grow your business with the Sales Titan Affiliate program, earning 20-30% recurring commission. All you need to do is sign up to get a unique link and you can begin to refer your followers to the top customer experience automation platform today.

What is the Sales Titan Affiliate Program?

Your customers, followers, and friends will appreciate learning how they can grow their business by bringing their email marketing, marketing automation and CRM together with Sales Titan  Customer Experience Automation platform, all backed by sales titan Customer Success Commitment. For every Sales Titan customer you share through your free referral link, we pay you a minimum of 20% of the subscription price paid.

How it works

If they pay $100 this month, you earn $20 dollars. If they pay $1000 a month, you get $200. The more customers you refer, and the longer they stick around, the more you can earn, up to a 30% commission.

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Start earning up to 30% commission


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Anyone can join the Sales Titan Affiliate Program. You don’t even need to be an Sales titan customer! Just click here and you’ll get:


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Share your link, start earning. It’s that simple. But to make it even simpler, we’ve put together some resources that you can snag and start using for yourself.


Earn up to 30% Commission!

That’s it! You’re ready to earn. You’ll get up to 30% of whatever the people you refer pay Sales Titan The average affiliate earns $1,350 per referral, and there are influencers in the program earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. You’ll also get ongoing support, including:

Join the Affiliate Program Today

Start earning up to 30% commission

An opportunity to join at the beginning
of an amazing program

Why do influencers love the Sales Titan Affiliate program?

Best payment terms in the industry

Never stop earning. As long as you regularly refer new customers and your referrals stay with Sales Titan you keep getting paid — starting at 20% commission and climbing up to 30% based on new business and retention.

Top rated platform

Sales Titan is a top rated platform in multiple G2 categories. When you refer someone to Sales Titan, you’ll know that they love it.

No effort to close deals

All you need to do is send us people — our arsenal of marketing materials and sales people will close the deal. You pass us the lead, we’ll sell.

Largest global market opportunity

People all over the world are finding and loving Sales Titan . The platform is available in 15 Languages and has customers in 170 countries.


The Sales Titan community gives you access to thousands of customers and influencers, so you can share best practices and ask questions to help grow your business.

Unparalleled opportunity

Sales Titan is the best kept secret for influencers in the industry. Many industries and countries don’t have affiliates yet — which opens the door for you to grow. This is your chance to get in early.

An Industry leader

Our category-defining Customer Experience Automation platform is one of the top 50 Marketing Products according to G2.

Refer your followers to a platform
they will actually love

Sales Titan is the world’s leading customer experience automation platform, and is a top-rated platform across multiple categories on review sites like G2.

Our customers love Sales Titan. They love the email marketing with advanced personalization. They love the automation capabilities that extend across the tools they already use. Most of all, they love having a supportive partner to help them grow their business, which includes a 17-promise Customer Success Commitment, which lets them get help any time they need it.

When your referrals are successful on Sales Titan, they’ll stick around. Not only do you look like a hero, but you have a commission check you can rely on.

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