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Track actions and behaviors across your website and use the data to build more effective marketing experiences.


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See what customers are doing to craft the perfect follow-up

Every visit, click, and login is information that you can use to improve your marketing campaigns.

Use site and event tracking to collect actionable data from across the entire customer journey and make sure that you’re sending the right information to the right people at the right time.

Are you losing people on your website?

Site tracking lets you see what products, services, and information your contacts are most interested in. Once you know that, you can follow up to convert more customers.

Discover exactly when and why leads and customers end their user journey. Get the insights to do something about it.

See which products and services your users are most interested in. Gather contact information and add their interests as tags.

Start tracking in minutes with our WordPress plugin. You can get started with just a few clicks.

We’ll give you the code to set up site tracking on whatever platform or CMS you use. Integrate your Google Analytics data for more insights.

Win probability in action

Let’s take a look at how a real estate agent might use win probability to close a deal.


Discover the point where your prospects bounce, so you can build initiatives to recover lost sales.

Interest tagging

Measure when someone visits a specific type of content, like a category of blog post.

Engagement tagging

Keep track of how frequently your prospects are engaging with your content.

Capture repeat visitors

Identify and categorize repeat visitors based on how frequently they interact with your website.

Go deeper with event tracking

Without event tracking, actions on your site go unnoticed. With event tracking, you can track video views, button clicks, orders, logins, and in-app behaviors. And then follow up.

We’ll provide you with the code to start tracking clicks, hovers, logins, and so much more.

See what percentage of a video a contact watched. Or which buttons they clicked. Or how much of a course they completed. Event Tracking lets you get granular with your data.

Quick responses can make or break a deal. Trigger automations the second an event is recorded.

See every single action a contact has ever taken across your web experiences. Event Tracking helps you build powerful profiles and better understand your customers.


Use your data to attribute every conversion and prioritize your channels based on campaign effectiveness.

Split & Conditional Actions

Create more complex automations with advanced logic and conditions. Build adaptable, always-on campaigns that pivot based on your contacts’ actions and behaviors.


Leverage our holistic reporting tools to track your campaign's value, understand your ROI, and pinpoint gaps across your marketing strategy.

Automation Recipes

Save more time with our library of 900+ pre-built automations. We’ve put together ready-to-go workflows for every industry, so you can get up-and-running with powerful automations right away.

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