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Tailor your automated workflows according to customer data, actions from integrated apps, and your business objectives.

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Take complete control of your automated campaigns.

Initiating, pausing, or adjusting your automations at the opportune moments leads to a seamless customer journey. Our triggers, actions, and goals enable you to construct frictionless experiences by fueling your automation start and end points with real-time customer behavior insights.


Initiate an automation at your convenience.

Campaigns yield optimal results when initiated at precisely the right moment. With our automation triggers, leverage your data to launch automated nurtures when they hold the greatest significance.

Initiate an automation when a contact completes a lead form to subscribe to your mailing list.

Identify the most engaged contacts by capturing their opens and reads, then follow up with a targeted email or SMS campaign.

Leverage our site and event tracking functionalities to determine the actions users are undertaking across your website and apps. Then, initiate automations when they fulfill the specific actions you wish to track.


Have a contact’s preferences changed? Configure automations to commence when a contact field reaches a particular state.

Initiate actions from a selection of over 900 apps.

Discover integrations for your preferred marketing tools in our app marketplace and begin initiating automations based on your priorities.


Automatically synchronize contact fields with your Salesforce platform and activate automated nurturing sequences.


Update contact fields and dispatch personalized outreach when your lead schedules a Calendly meeting.


Initiate a follow-up based on the data your lead enters into your customized Typeform sign-up form.


Utilize your Unbounce landing page data to initiate pertinent campaigns and update contact fields accordingly.


Establish goals and select subsequent actions.

Not all your contacts have identical needs. Goal tracking enables you to observe who is progressing through your funnel and identify where people drop off.

When contacts take the actions you chose, you can move them to the right stage of the funnel and switch up your content.

If you’re not meeting the benchmarks and objectives you require, you can initiate a follow-up campaign or switch channels to enhance engagement.

When a contact transitions into a new segment, you can automatically send them a new campaign to keep them informed and engaged.


Adjust your automations and commence new ones based on the results from split testing and previous campaigns.

Win Probability

Enhance your marketing and sales strategies by forecasting which deals are most likely to succeed. Our win probability feature employs AI to evaluate each deal, assigning a score based on pertinent metrics.

Automation Builder powered by AI

Drag and drop actions to build your perfect automated workflow, or articulate your objectives in straightforward language prompts, and let AI handle the rest for you.


Split and Conditional Actions

Construct intricate automations with advanced logic and conditions. Develop flexible, continuously active campaigns that pivot according to your contacts' actions and behaviors.


Automation Templates

Boost efficiency with our selection of pre-built automations. We've assembled ready-to-use workflows tailored for diverse industries, empowering you to deploy potent automations instantly.

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