Hi, I’m Warren Munitz, Founder of Integrative Coaching. We specialize in helping leaders and executives explore the Big questions. Navigating this business environment and being able to follow up with everyone, making sure we stay in touch with relevant info and key points are crucial to our relationship building.

In over 20 years of business, I’ve tried so many different software options, jumped back from one to the other, but have always returned to Sales titan every time. It has everything you need. Really it does.

Getting started tips

I used Sales titan onboarding and coaching to help me get set up and to learn a little bit about the software in the beginning. But you need to give yourself time to learn just how much power it has, which takes time. 

One thing that can speed things up, is to do extra onboarding sessions for some brainstorming on exactly what your business does and how you need Sales titan to support you. Just to make sure that you are getting the best out of the software from the start.

Why I Love Sales titan

We first use Sales titan as a CRM to capture and nurture our leads with their automations.  These automations are so versatile that they can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be. Then we use it to manage deals and tasks to make sure that we track each client through the sales funnel and nurture them with follow-ups along the way. 

This has helped in making sure no one falls through the cracks as is so often the case when clients come in and only want to make a decision weeks or months later. 

It’s so important to make sure that the software you use keeps track of everything and can remind you when there is activity from a client and it’s time to reach out.