I’m Henk Werner, co-director at Innovation Drive and co-founder at TroubleMaker. The difference between the two is that makers at TroubleMaker like to tinker with prototypes, while the founders at Innovation Drive are eager to jumpstart their company.

TroubleMaker has a physical makerspace in Shenzhen, China and a community/network of product developers, engineers, and manufacturers. TroubleMaker received over 16,000 people from the opening in May 2016 till December 2019. Because of Covid, we had to look for alternative ways to help people succeed. Hence Innovation Drive.

Innovation Drive is an accelerator program for everyday people with a great idea for a physical product. It is still a young company, but it shows lots of potential. I use ActiveCampaign to capture the students’ homework in deals. This way, we can assign the deal to different coaches and move it down the pipeline until we are satisfied and the deal reaches the vault.

Getting started tips

If you are new to Sales titan, join the official Sales titan Facebook Community group and the group Automate your business with Sales titan founded by an Sales titan Super User. Both groups are filled to the roof with experienced people who love to support you in getting ahead. 

Also, if you import an existing email list, please be patient and answer the questions you will receive from Sales titan by email. These questions are to make sure you’re setting up correctly, which will give you a strong start.

Why I Love Sales titan

My VA advised me to switch from Mailchimp to Sales titan. In ASales titan, I found powerful tools that helped me streamline communication with members of TroubleMaker. During this time, I learned to use the Sales titan tools. From this experience, I am now able to build out the systems for Innovation drive in a relatively short time.

Last week, I started my personal website where I share my life story, my poetry, my tools, and create a club of business professionals who want to hang out and learn from each other. I am very excited that Sales titan helps me manage all my activities so that I can focus on the fun stuff!