Adjust your automations in response to customer actions.

With our split and conditional actions, you can effortlessly construct automations featuring branching paths and advanced logic in just a few clicks.


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Craft seamless customer journeys consistently.

Why employ multiple automations when you can manage it with just one? Split and conditional actions facilitate more intricate customer journeys, directing your contacts along diverse paths based on their actions.

Compare various automation routes directly, highlight offers with limited availability, and modify email sequences upon reaching specific goals with intelligent splits and conditions.

Test your automations to address key questions.

How long is the ideal wait time for a follow-up message? Do emails or SMS messages yield better results? Which offer prompts more purchases? Now's your opportunity to split your automations and discover the answers by testing two distinct routes.

Generate more clicks and engagement by sending each contact highly-relevant email content every time.

Establish an automation pathway that concludes upon reaching a specific time or a predetermined number of sales – ideal for limited or time-sensitive offers.

Send out two distinct promotions and monitor which one garners more usage and engagement.

Experiment with nearly any campaign idea you conceive on an automation branch, knowing you can revert if it’s not as impactful.

Split Testing

Don’t settle for just A/B testing your campaigns—try A/B/C/D/E testing instead. Compare the performance of up to five options and always select the most effective variation.


AI-driven Automation Builder

Drag and drop actions to design your perfect automated workflow. Alternatively, articulate your objectives using plain-language prompts, and let the AI handle the rest for you.


Dynamic Content

Deliver tailored content to each recipient consistently. Generate dynamic and conditional content blocks showcasing varied copy or media for individual users.


Automation Recipes

Boost efficiency with our array of pre-built automations. We've assembled ready-to-use workflows tailored for diverse industries, allowing you to deploy potent automations instantly.

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