Match the appropriate deals with the suitable representatives.

Streamline your sales routing through automation and save hours each week. Ensure every deal is primed for success to optimize your revenue potential.

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Maintain team organization and secure additional deals.

When you can easily divide each opportunity into manageable tasks, everyone can focus on their strengths. SalesTitan simplifies task assignment to individual salespeople, whether manually or through automations.

Enhance productivity, accountability, and project management—all while saving time and money in the process.

Enhance your collaboration efforts.

Our platform is crafted to simplify workflow, foster customer connections, and facilitate deal closure for teams.

Define roles clearly and break down complex projects into manageable deliverables.

Alert your sales team when it’s time to follow up. Incorporate notifications directly within sales automations and nurture campaigns.

Leverage our Slack integration to send and automate messages to individuals, channels, or groups seamlessly.


Record notes directly within each deal and contact record to ensure alignment across your entire sales team.

If it's automatable, it's testable through split testing.

Discover the most effective automated workflows by testing various options. Here are some elements you can interchange and compare.

Automate 1:1 outreach

Utilize our 1:1 email capabilities to expand personalized emails across crucial touchpoints.

Update your pipelines

Automatically advance prospects to the next stage in your CRM when they take actions such as clicking a link or replying to an email.

Mark as won or lost

Synchronize deal outcomes across your team. Monitor wins and losses, and attribute conversions to individual reps.

Trigger automations with task completions

Secured a deal? Dispatch a personalized welcome email nurture to the new customer.

Always stay informed about the ownership of each lead.

Customer relationships are crucial. Our automated sales routing enables you to establish consistent journeys with dedicated reps, adjust strategies according to your team's capacity, and create personalized engagement nurtures.

With Sales Titan, you maintain clear visibility into each contact's assigned sales representative—fostering a more accountable and customer-centric approach to business.


Centralize lead management with our comprehensive CRM tool. Monitor prospects from their initial interaction to the deal's closure seamlessly.

AI-powered Automation Builder

Drag and drop actions to craft your optimal automated workflow effortlessly. Alternatively, outline your objectives using plain-language prompts, and let AI handle the rest.


Win Probability

Enhance your marketing and sales endeavors by forecasting the likelihood of deal closures. Our win probability feature employs AI to assess each deal, assigning a score based on pertinent metrics.

Lead Scoring

Assign a point-based score to each contact and define actions or behaviors that either add or deduct points. Concentrate your efforts on leads with the highest value.


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