Turn on data privacy settings in your Sales Titan account

Last updated: 05/29/2024

Available with any of the following subscriptions, except where noted:

Data privacy legislation, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is in place to bolster the safeguarding of individuals’ personal information. Such regulations also heighten the responsibilities of entities involved in the collection or handling of personal data.

Please note: while these features live in Sales Titan, your legal team is the best resource to give you compliance advice for your specific situation.

If you are a Super Admin or have Edit account defaults permissions turned on, you can activate data privacy settings in your Sales Titan account settings. This serves as a centralized hub to automatically implement features compliant with data privacy regulations across your Sales Titan account:

1. Navigate to your Sales Titan account and click on the settings icon located in the top navigation bar.
2. From the left sidebar menu, choose Privacy & Consent.
3. Toggle the switch to Turn on data privacy settings. Confirm by clicking Yes, turn on data privacy settings in the pop-up box.
4. To ensure that marketing emails or customer feedback survey emails are sent only to contacts with a legal basis for communication, mark the Legal basis for emails checkbox. Save your changes by clicking Save. By default, the legal basis for survey emails will be set to Legitimate interest – Customer.
5. If you wish to alter the default legal basis for survey emails, click Set legal basis for surveys. Subsequently, you can use Edit legal basis for surveys to make future adjustments after the initial edit.

Please be aware that the legal basis for communication is tied to email addresses. Contacts must provide consent for each email address they wish to receive emails for.

  • Click Save.

When you select the Legal basis for emails checkbox, all subscription types on a contact’s email subscription page will be unchecked by default.

Upon activating data privacy settings, the following features will be available in your account:

  • Cookie consent banner enabled by default.
  • If you’re using the Sales Titan extension or add-in, banners on contact records will notify you if a contact lacks a legal basis for processing.
  • Data privacy-compliant forms with a legal basis notice and communication consent checkbox form field will be included in newly created forms. For existing forms, you’ll need to manually add notice and consent information.
  • Unsubscribe links will be enabled by default for sales one-to-one and sequences emails for users who haven’t activated them yet.
  • Scheduling pages will include notice/consent messaging by default (scheduling pages created before activating data privacy settings will not be updated to include this message).
  • You can add communication consent and legal basis for processing to contacts via list import, bulk edit, or manual contact creation.

Permanent delete functionality is available to all accounts, even if data privacy settings are deactivated. When deleting a contact, you’ll have two options: Restorable delete to retain the option to restore within 90 days, or Permanent delete to fully comply with GDPR and other data privacy laws.

Please be aware that if you disable data privacy settings in your account, the cookie consent banner will not be automatically deactivated.

Proceed with configuring data privacy functionality by accessing the setup tasks within the Data privacy setup section.