Optimize Your Email Timing

With insights powered by AI, you can guarantee your emails are dispatched precisely when your contacts are most inclined to open them.


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Reach customers when they’re most engaged.

Harnessing the capabilities of machine learning and predictive insights enables you to refine your sending strategies for maximum effectiveness.

Ensure your efforts don't get lost in the inbox—deliver your emails at the opportune moment to elevate engagement, amplify clicks, and foster greater brand recognition.

Driven by artificial intelligence

For many platforms, optimizing send times often involves sending emails during your contacts' working hours. However, our predictive sending takes it a step further.

We base email scheduling on insights from your contacts' prior engagement with your content. If you lack such data or are initiating a new campaign with new contacts, fret not—we'll intelligently replicate it by leveraging relevant lookalike audiences.

Eliminate the guesswork from your scheduling

Let’s explore how predictive sending works and how it automatically determines the best time to send a scheduled email.

Plan your campaign

Simply create and plan an email campaign as you normally would using our campaign builder.

Turn on predictive sending

When you’re ready to send your email, be sure to select the predictive sending option.

Analyze open and engagement rates

We’ll leverage machine learning to examine your contact’s behavioral patterns and schedule the email for the time with the peak engagement.

Send, track, and repeat.

Monitor your real-time open and click-through rates using our reporting features. Predictive sending seamlessly integrates this data to further optimize send times.

AI-powered Automation Builder

Easily arrange actions with drag-and-drop to craft your ideal automated workflow. Alternatively, express your goals through simple prompts, and let AI handle the rest.


Win Probability

Enhance your marketing and sales endeavors by forecasting which deals are most likely to close. Our win probability feature employs AI to evaluate every deal, assigning a score based on pertinent metrics.


Leverage your data to attribute each conversion and prioritize your channels according to campaign effectiveness.

Dynamic Content

Deliver tailored content to the appropriate audience every time. Develop dynamic and conditional content blocks that display varying copy or media for each user.

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