omnichannel-marketing split testing

Discover what works with data-driven split testing

Expand beyond traditional A/B testing for your campaigns; conduct A/B/C/D/E testing instead. Compare the performance of up to five options and consistently select the most successful variation.

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Gain insight into which messages connect with your audience.

Successful marketing entails delivering appropriate content to the appropriate individuals at the appropriate moment. However, determining what's "appropriate" for each circumstance poses a challenge.

This is where our split testing solutions come into play. We provide you with the means to test and compare every aspect of your marketing approach, spanning from copy and visuals to the automations themselves. Subsequently, you can either personally analyze the data or automatically implement the most effective options.

No experiment is too grand or too minor.

So, what's testable? To put it plainly: nearly everything. Our extensive testing functionalities grant you complete authority over every aspect of your campaigns. However, here are some essential tests to assist you in getting underway.

Discovering the ideal subject line can be challenging. However, our split testing aids in determining which one resonates most with your audience, increasing click-through rates.

Replace content blocks and observe which email yields the optimal outcomes. Are shorter paragraphs more effective? Do line breaks enhance readability? Experiment with various headings and elements to gauge their impact.

Uncover the most engaging media formats for your audience. Are static images, gifs, or embedded video clips more attention-grabbing? Let your customers’ preferences guide your strategy.

Contrast different versions of your call-to-action copy, button styles, placement, frequency, and myriad other factors.

If it's automatable, it's testable.

Determine the most effective automated workflows by testing various options. Here are some elements you can interchange and evaluate.

Wait times

Discover the optimal frequency for your follow-ups and reminders through data analysis. Determine how frequently individuals prefer to be contacted and fine-tune your delays accordingly.

# of emails

Determine whether your audience favors occasional in-depth content or frequent but concise updates. Provide just the right amount of content to optimize engagement.

Marketing channels

Test various channels to determine if SMS messages are more effective than emails for reminders. This is your opportunity to uncover which option resonates best with your audience.

Sales team outreach

Refine your sales engagement strategy by experimenting with various outreach methods and selecting the most impactful approach.

What does success look like for your business?

Decide what makes a winning automation or campaign based on your key metrics. Compare any of the factors that matter to your business and find out which initiatives are the most successful.

An effective method to evaluate the performance of subject lines and send times. Email opens provide valuable insights into the attractiveness of your email within the inbox.

Monitor the click-through rates across all your campaigns. This is invaluable for assessing the effectiveness of your email content, images, and calls to action.

Identify which of your options generates the highest revenue. Compare performance across all stages of the funnel and measure against your click rate to gain a comprehensive understanding.

Analyze where visitors navigate on your site through your campaigns. Test different landing pages and destinations to gauge their performance.

Stay ahead with goal and conversion tracking.

Consider this scenario: a contact visits your website, triggers a specific event, or makes a purchase of a certain value. With a conversion action, you can conclude the automation and examine the data that led to this outcome.

Our goal and conversion tracking enables you to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and tests. Run multiple automations simultaneously and utilize conversions to capture a snapshot of what generates the most revenue.

Site & Event Tracking

Effortlessly track user behaviors and actions across your website and gather actionable insights about your contacts and customers.

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Utilize our comprehensive reporting tools to monitor your campaign's worth, comprehend your ROI, and identify any gaps within your marketing strategy.

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