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Turn social and advertising campaigns into sources of revenue.

Utilize our integrations to effortlessly establish continuous campaigns across all your favored social and advertising platforms.

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Turn likes and shares into tangible business outcomes.

Leverage your preferred social apps or utilize segmentation data to enhance the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Sales Titan seamlessly integrates with your social media applications, expanding your omnichannel presence and directing traffic to optimal destinations. Maximize your organic following and achieve higher ROI from your paid campaigns with our versatile social and audience management capabilities.

Expand your audience by reaching out to new customers.

Utilize social and advertising channels to discover new leads throughout every stage of the marketing funnel. Enhance brand awareness, engage with specific personas, and transform profile visitors into loyal brand advocates.

Monitor customer actions across your social media feeds and website, then utilize the data to automate and fine-tune your contact list, segments, and campaigns.

Collect and utilize data to ensure that you consistently promote the most relevant and beneficial products to your audiences.

Tailor your campaigns for maximum relevance and engagement. Achieve more with less spending through targeted paid content.

Capture both organic and paid audiences by providing exclusive discounts and promotions tailored to their preferences.

Synchronize and utilize your Facebook Custom Audiences.

Construct automations that transfer contacts from your prospective customer list in Sales Titan to a Facebook Custom Audience. This allows you to start targeting those contacts with your messaging through Facebook ads.

Connect your campaigns seamlessly with your social media platforms.

Stop fragmented campaigns across various channels. Our social and ad audience features provide you with all the tools necessary to deliver personalized marketing experiences across email, SMS, organic social, and paid ads seamlessly.

Ensure your contact list in Sales Titan is always up-to-date by automatically adding customers or prospects who submit a Google Ads lead form. Identify new prospects resembling your existing customers and incorporate (or exclude) specific profiles from ad campaigns using Google Ads Customer Match.

Easily capture and synchronize leads between your contact list and your Facebook Lead Ads account with just a few clicks. Automatically update new data and empower your sales team to nurture fresh leads effectively.

Easily manage and synchronize leads between your contact list and Instagram Lead Ads account with just a few clicks. Automatically update with fresh data, empowering your sales team to effectively nurture new leads.

Utilize LinkedIn’s lead generation forms to effortlessly add and update contacts. Initiate new campaigns and streamline post scheduling through automated processes.

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Facebook Messenger


Google Ads







Leverage your data to attribute each conversion accurately and prioritize your channels according to campaign effectiveness.

Split Testing

Expand beyond traditional A/B testing for your campaigns; conduct A/B/C/D/E testing instead. Compare the performance of up to five options and consistently select the most successful variation.


Organize and label contacts, leveraging your data to construct tailored user journeys for each customer, enhancing relevance.

Automation Recipes

Boost efficiency with our collection of pre-designed automations. We've curated ready-to-use workflows tailored for every industry, enabling you to implement robust automations immediately.

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