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Give every contact a personalized experience

Automatically swap out content for every customer to boost engagement, drive conversions, and grow your revenue.

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Only send the content your customers care about

Every customer is unique. Using dynamic content ensures that you only send your audience relevant content that matters to them. 

Improve open rates, click-throughs, and overall conversions by creating more curated experiences for every individual in your contact list. Use data, tags, and groups from your segments to tailor content based on customer preferences.

Control what each of your segments sees

Our dynamic content features personalize different parts of your email for every unique user. That means you can send one overall email that changes for the recipient based on their preferences, actions, and data.

Make sure every contact gets the message that’s best for them based on their engagement data. Our predictive content tool uses natural language processing to automatically find the best option.

Easily add and modify code to your emails that displays or hides certain content to relevant segments based on tags, merge fields, or other segmentation data.

Sales titan automatically takes your standard and custom fields and turns them into personalization tags (also known as merge fields) that you can implement in your emails right away.

Change your experience based on the device that your contact opens your email on. Switch up content, images, and more to match the format and screen size.

Same email, different message

Here’s how it works in action. Once you’ve set up your dynamic content tooling and segmentation data, you can automatically change out the different components that make up your email.

Content blocks

Hide or add content blocks to specific contacts to give them a more relevant experience. Give some customers more detail and others a high-level overview.

Images & media

Swap out your images and videos for personalized options that’ll resonate for each contact. Shake things up based on region, purchase history, and more.

Subject lines & previews

Change what each contact will see in the inbox and make them more likely to open every email.

Email signatures

Enhance your sales outreach with customizable email signatures from every rep. Swap out different images and links based on each lead’s preferences.

Use AI to power predictive content

With our predictive content feature, you can write up to 5 different options and then use AI-powered analysis to make sure each contact gets the right variation.

Our natural language processing model uses click and engagement data to understand what content motivates your audience to take action, so you can always deliver relevant experiences that drive conversions.

Drive the right actions with dynamic CTAs

By changing your call to action, you can send every customer where they need to go based on their stage of the overall journey.

Send your awareness-level prospects to informative content at the top of the funnel.


Share product information, gated content, and other ways to grab your contact’s attention.

Take engaged customers over the line with clear and direct calls-to-action and personalized buttons.

Already converted? Take them to a place where they can find relevant products and accessories that they’ll love.


Sort and tag contacts and use your data to build more relevant user journeys for every customer.

Split Testing

Expand beyond traditional A/B testing for your campaigns; conduct A/B/C/D/E testing instead. Compare the performance of up to five options and consistently select the most successful variation.


Make sure your emails arrive every time. Our best-in-class infrastructure and technical know-how makes sure your emails always land in the inbox.

Automation Recipes

Boost efficiency with our collection of pre-designed automations. We've curated ready-to-use workflows tailored for every industry, enabling you to implement robust automations immediately.

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