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Plug-and-Play Webinar Templates

Wondering how to share your expertise online? Hosting a webinar is a fantastic option (after all, you’re the expert). However, enticing people to register, following up post-event, and ensuring seamless execution can pose challenges.

Our webinar templates provide all the essentials to kickstart your journey. This complimentary resource pack features ready-to-use slide decks, pre- and post-event email templates, and comprehensive checklists comprising over 32 points to guarantee a flawless experience.

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How to create a webinar: 7 free webinar
tools and templates for success

“You should do a webinar!”

You’ve likely heard about the power of webinars for lead generation, brand promotion, and establishing thought leadership. While they offer tremendous benefits, organizing and executing a successful webinar can be daunting.

However, the effort is worthwhile. Webinars help you:

  • Establish credibility and thought leadership
  • Generate leads
  • Educate and provide value to attendees
  • Enhance engagement, especially when co-hosted
  • Develop your brand voice

But what are the tangible results? Consider this example from an ActiveCampaign webinar:

  • 1827 new leads
  • 25 paid conversions
  • Approximately $40,000 in new annual recurring revenue (ARR)

So, how do you host a successful webinar? That’s where our free toolkit comes in. It streamlines the entire process, saving you time and providing a plug-and-play framework that you can customize for your business.

Our webinar toolkit will:

  • Save you time during planning
  • Provide a customizable webinar framework
  • Keep you organized throughout the process
  • Assist in developing your email marketing strategy
  • Enhance your lead generation and content strategies
  • Democratize webinar hosting, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes

Here’s what’s included:

Post-webinar registration follow-up template

How can you ensure your contacts feel assured about their webinar registration?

By promptly sending an automated confirmation, you can reassure your contacts that they’re registered for your upcoming webinar. Our free webinar email template offers:

  • Confirmation of registration
  • A concise description of the webinar’s content
  • Details such as the webinar’s date and time
  • A convenient link to add the event to the attendee’s calendar
  • A direct link for joining the webinar

This template is designed to boost webinar attendance and ensure a positive experience for registrants.

Post-webinar registration follow-up template

Discover valuable insights on crafting effective reminder emails, determining the ideal number of event reminders, and enhancing webinar attendance through automated communication.

In a world where everyone’s schedule is packed, reminders play a crucial role in keeping attendees engaged and informed about upcoming events. These pre-webinar emails serve as gentle nudges to remind your registrants of the impending event without being intrusive. The webinar reminder sequence consists of three emails, each highlighting the webinar’s schedule and providing instructions for attendance.

Each email conveniently includes a link for adding the event to their calendar and offers a platform for attendees to pose questions before the webinar commences.

We suggest sending the reminder emails at the following intervals:

  • One week before the webinar
  • One day before the webinar
  • On the day of the webinar

By employing this strategy, you can significantly enhance webinar attendance rates, ensuring that those who signed up actually participate in the event.

“Thank you for attending!” webinar email template

Have you ever received a heartfelt thank-you note? It’s a simple yet impactful gesture that fosters stronger relationships.

In the realm of webinar etiquette, expressing gratitude to your attendees for dedicating their time to join your webinar is paramount. The immediate follow-up email expressing gratitude for their attendance boasts a high open rate, presenting an excellent opportunity to outline what your contacts can anticipate from your future engagements.

Inform them that they can expect to receive a follow-up email shortly, containing a recording of the webinar for their reference. Extend your gratitude for their participation, and briefly summarize the key takeaways and insights from the event.

Post-webinar follow-up email sequence

Maximize the enthusiasm of your engaged contacts who’ve participated in your webinar and interacted with your brand. Capitalize on their heightened interest and your current momentum by maintaining a prominent presence in their inbox with these post-webinar follow-up emails.

The post-webinar follow-up email sequence serves as an ideal opportunity to:

  • Distribute the webinar recording to your registrants
  • Prompt your webinar contacts to take action with a clear call-to-action (CTA)
  • Extend invitations to future webinars or events
  • Enhance value by including additional pertinent resources related to the webinar topic
  • Cultivate relationships with your new contacts

The webinar follow-up email series comprises 3 emails:

1. The “Day After”: This email delivers the webinar recording and emphasizes the primary CTA. Leveraging the existing momentum, this follow-up email encourages attendees to take action aligned with the webinar’s objectives, such as making a purchase, initiating a free trial, scheduling an appointment, or enrolling in a course.

2. The “Additional Resources”: This follow-up email aims to deepen your contacts’ understanding of the webinar topic and bolster your credibility. It provides supplementary materials such as blog posts, free tools, or podcast episodes that expand upon the webinar content.

3. The “Future Events”: This email endeavors to heighten awareness and interest in upcoming events you’re hosting. Personally invite your contacts to participate in future events while reiterating the primary CTA.

Webinar follow-up automation recipe

Streamline your email workflow and eliminate the hassle of manual sending with Sales titan webinar automation recipes. With these recipes, you can effortlessly automate:

  • Confirmation emails
  • Webinar reminder emails
  • Webinar thank you emails
  • Webinar recording emails
  • Webinar follow-up emails

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and potential errors. Simply import the recipes into your Sales titan account, adjust the automation timing to suit your preferences, and personalize the email templates to align with your brand and event.

Webinar slide deck template

Learn the essential elements of structuring a webinar presentation, from content organization to effective delivery techniques.

Craft an engaging webinar presentation that seamlessly guides your audience through key points using our complimentary webinar slide deck template.

These ready-made slides offer a structured framework to enhance your webinar content, supplemented by compelling visual aids for your audience. Simply personalize the slides and adapt the information to suit your specific topic!

Webinar script template

Ever found yourself at an event, wishing you could snatch the microphone from the speaker? They go on and on, but nothing seems to connect, and it’s like a never-ending story that loses its point.

Avoid being that person.

Our webinar script template offers a structured framework, ensuring you allocate the appropriate time to each section, cover essential points, and tie everything back to your central theme.

Stay focused. Stay engaging. Stay on-script.

Pre-webinar checklist

Planning and executing a webinar involves many moving parts:

  • Generating the idea
  • Crafting content
  • Strategizing promotion
  • Designing landing pages
  • Selecting technology
  • Coordinating presenters
  • Building the slide deck
  • Leveraging social media
  • Managing email communication
  • Sending reminders

Checklists are your best friend. Our pre-webinar checklist encompasses 56 items, leaving no stone unturned. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll ensure nothing slips through the cracks, preventing last-minute audio mishaps or forgotten details.

Day of webinar checklist

It’s showtime! Promotion ✔️ Reminders sent ✔️ Script polished ✔️ But before you hit “start,” ensure you’ve covered all bases with our handy checklist. We’ve gathered 23 final touches to guarantee you’re ready for anything—yes, even unexpected coughing fits from your presenter.

Post-webinar checklist

Even after the webinar wraps up, the work continues. Ensure nothing slips through the cracks with our comprehensive post-webinar checklist. From follow-up emails to refining your process, we’ve compiled 32 essential tasks to keep your attendees engaged and satisfied long after the event concludes.

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