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Streamline Your Content Team Management Process

Effectively managing a content team involves various essential steps, including keyword research, outlining, editing, adhering to formatting standards, and conducting outreach. These processes are repetitive, and implementing efficient content marketing templates can greatly enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. Elevate the quality of your team’s output, reduce revision cycles, and scale up your marketing efforts without consuming excessive time.

If your business isn’t quite prepared for a comprehensive CRM system, our Google Sheets CRM template provides an ideal solution to familiarize yourself with sales processes and establish a more sophisticated sales department. Future endeavors will benefit from this groundwork! Our user-friendly CRM template facilitates streamlined management of your sales pipeline. Best of all, it’s completely free and compatible with both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

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Keyword Research and Outline

Efficiently Organize Blog Research and Keywords

Navigating a blank page in hopes of words miraculously appearing is a familiar challenge for every writer. Why endure the agony when you can utilize this research and outline document?

This template offers strategies to organize:

1. Primary keyword data
2. Details about other content found in search results
3. Secondary keywords associated with the primary keyword
4. Relevant terms and phrases
5. Discovered research resources
6. Blog post outline structure

23-Point Editing Checklist

How long can you hold your breath?

Awaiting an editor’s review often feels akin to a breath-holding challenge, yet the correlation between breath-holding and writing is peculiar. (“Can you voice most sentences within a single breath?” constitutes merely one of the 23 editing tips featured in this checklist).

When it comes to editing your work (or submitting it for an editor’s scrutiny), what aspects should you emphasize? This checklist, comprising 23 tips accompanied by explanations, assists in pinpointing issues that evade detection by spell check and the Hemingway Editor.

Pause to ponder: Does your writing…

Clear the “Barstool Test”?
Feature an abundance of verbs ending in “ing”?
Inadvertently undermine its own argument with the word “but”?

If uncertainties persist, allow this checklist to serve as your guide.

23-Point Editing Checklist

Here’s a harsh reality check: the destiny of your post is often sealed even before you put pen to paper. As the featured snippet for the Google search term “kismet” (meaning fate) aptly puts it, “what chance did I stand against kismet?”

To attract readers from Google, you must craft content that aligns with what Google chooses to display. This checklist guides you through analyzing a search engine results page (SERP) to decipher the content that resonates with users.

If this seems daunting, fear not—simply observe Google search results and pose questions (no fancy tools necessary).

The crucial aspect? Asking the right questions. And here they are! (No batteries required—just eight essential inquiries).

Blog Scannability Checklist

Now, onto those extensive, comma-laden sentences. While certain readers may relish their verbosity, others might just drift away…

A helpful reminder from this checklist: steer clear of constructing sentences akin to the example above.

After all, your aim is to have your work read, isn’t it? This Blog Scannability checklist aims to guarantee precisely that.

And to sweeten the deal, we’ve kept it concise and effortlessly digestible.

4 Proven Email Outreach Templates

Picture receiving a prompt email reply from a prominent figure in your field within an hour. (The initial template from this selection fetched a response in just 41 minutes).

After crafting your message, the daunting task of promotion awaits. Yet, self-promotion becomes effortless with precisely worded emails readily available.

Enclosed are four validated email templates, each accompanied by a real-life instance demonstrating its efficacy. You’ll also witness the outcomes it yielded.

This guide equips you with emails for:

1. Soliciting a quote from a notable individual.
2. Reaching out to individuals after featuring them in your content (two templates for this scenario!).
3. Initiating contact with someone for the first time.

11 Ways to Practice Content Writing

Writing evolves through dedicated practice. However, both research and common understanding indicate that mere repetition doesn’t necessarily lead to mastery; instead, it reinforces habits. It’s purposeful practice that truly hones one’s skills.

The right practice, deliberate and focused, can significantly hasten your progress.

(The Sales Titan results speak for themselves – our blog witnessed an astounding growth of over 1000%.)

Enclosed are 11 deliberate practice techniques aimed at refining your writing prowess. These encompass:

1. Understanding why writing a hundred headlines daily surpasses not writing any at all.
2. Unveiling the Ben Franklin Technique, a proven method from his autobiography.
3. Delving into the strategies utilized by Gary Halbert, hailed as the premier copywriter of his time.
4. And naturally, a brief exploration of how poetry can enhance your expression.

Checklist: Small Moments of Excellence

Every detail in this checklist may appear trivial. It’s so small that its importance might easily slip by unnoticed.

Yet, therein lies its strength.

True greatness arises from an accumulation of minor adjustments, each building upon the next. And within these seemingly insignificant moments, lies our ability to effect change.

Here is a collection of subtle modifications, often disregarded but entirely within our control. Crafted as a reminder of the path to achieving excellence.

What’s included? 15 instances of Small Moments of Excellence. Insights such as:

  • The importance of scheduling meetings and maximizing their efficiency.
  • Strategies for soliciting feedback on work to minimize scope creep and excessive revision cycles.
  • Techniques for delivering ideas effectively to engage your audience.
  • Methods for expressing dissent respectfully yet confidently, with precise language and common pitfalls to avoid.

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