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Create more impactful automations.

Automate more efficiently and rapidly. Our automation builder integrates powerful and flexible actions, conversational AI, and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.


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Streamlined complex nurturing

Effortlessly craft automated email and SMS campaigns guiding your customers through every stage of the buyer journey.

We simplify the process. Simply visually outline the desired customer experience. Begin with a trigger or desired action, incorporate your touchpoints, and schedule the timing of each step.

What sets us apart

When it comes to constructing potent workflows that save you time and money, no other platform compares.

With Sales Titan, you can establish conditional and split actions, harness data from various aspects of your business, and create intricate nurturing processes.

We don’t confine your creativity. Incorporate as many actions as necessary and design potent workflows that align with your business’s ambition.

Integrate almost any app you can think of with our Open API

Unable to locate a desired integration? Our open API empowers anyone to develop one.

Develop more intelligently with AI.

Create even more efficiently with AI. Simply describe your objectives, and our AI-powered automation builder will generate an automation for you.

We employ large language model technology to transform your prompt into an automation.

Looking to incorporate waits? Simply inform our AI tool of the desired duration between steps, and it will automatically include a wait module.

If you have multiple objectives, you can include them as a numbered list in the prompt. Our AI Builder will construct an automation that fulfills each goal in the order you specify.

Sit back and observe as our AI constructs your automation in seconds. Feel free to modify and adjust the resulting output to your heart’s content.

Gain greater control over your automations.

With our automation builder, you can craft customer journeys with precision.

Visualize how each of your automations are interconnected from a single view. Understand how they trigger, complete, and influence each other.

Ensure smooth execution of every aspect of your automated flow. Our testing feature enables you to set and forget, confident that every contact will receive the correct content.

Utilize split and conditional actions to provide each contact with a personalized journey tailored to their preferences, actions, and engagement history.

With countless automation recipes readily available for instant use, you’re just a few clicks away from diving into automation.

Split Testing

Go beyond traditional A/B testing for your campaigns; instead, conduct A/B/C/D/E testing. Compare the performance of up to five options and consistently select the winning variation.

Automation Recipes

Enhance efficiency with our curated collection of pre-designed automations. We've tailored ready-to-use workflows for every industry, allowing you to implement robust automations instantly.

Split & Conditional Actions

Develop more intricate automations with advanced logic and conditions. Construct adaptable, always-on campaigns that adjust based on your contacts' actions and behaviors.

1:1 Email

Establish and expand highly personalized email workflows directly from your personal mailbox to foster stronger relationships with your prospects and customers.

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