Convert Visitors into Leads with Forms

Create sign-up forms, questionnaires, lead magnets, and more with our form builder tool. Effortlessly collect the right data to start converting visitors into revenue.


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Create Personalized Customer Experiences

To craft effective marketing campaigns, it's essential to know your audience. Our form builder makes it easy to ask the crucial questions and get the insights you need.

Seamlessly design and embed forms on your Sales Titan landing pages and your own websites. Collect valuable data to fuel your growth without interrupting the user experience.

Create a lasting first impression

Leverage the momentum of your campaign and utilize the data from forms to instantly initiate the next steps in your marketing and sales engagement.

Launch a welcome series or promptly deliver a lead magnet to engage and nurture your contacts without delay.

Utilize a tagging system to categorize and organize leads based on their origin and preferences.

Send notifications to your team members to prompt follow-ups with high-value leads.

Maintain organized contact management by adding individuals to multiple lists or deals as needed.

Select the Optimal Form for Enhanced User Experience

Various types of forms can enhance user experience and increase conversion rates on different pages of your website. Here are some options to consider:

Inline form

Integrate your personalized forms seamlessly into your web pages, ensuring smooth sign-up processes.

Modal Pop-Up

Build and personalize a floating box that sits in the corner of your web experience.

Floating Bar

Implement a bar at the bottom of your website,  directing visitors to sign up without interrupting their experience.

Floating Box

Customize a floating box positioned in the corner of your website, creating a non-intrusive way to engage.

Empower Your Marketing Strategy with Form Power

Forms play a pivotal role in your marketing endeavors, offering versatile tools to propel your business forward.

Gather vital demographic details and preferences from visitors using standard and custom fields. Trigger automated follow-up actions via email, CRM, and other channels seamlessly.

Enrich contact records with comprehensive data, providing a holistic view of each customer’s interactions across channels, services, and products.

Maximize conversions by presenting forms at optimal moments, aligned with visitor behaviors and interests.

Easily integrate new forms into your website, whether it’s a Sales titan landing page or a third-party platform, with a simple click. Streamline the process and extend your reach in minutes.


Organize and categorize your contacts, then leverage your data to create more personalized user journeys for each customer.

Email Marketing

Elevate your business with personalized email marketing campaigns that are built, sent, automated, and tracked with precision.

Targeted Content

Craft dynamic and conditional content blocks to ensure each user receives personalized copy or media that resonates with their unique preferences and interests.

Sales CRM

Effortlessly oversee your leads with our robust CRM solution. Follow your prospects' journey from initial contact to successful deal closure, all within one unified platform.

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