Automatically send welcome emails to new contacts

Welcome series are essential to onboarding your new contacts. It’s a way to acknowledge their interest in your brand and introduce yourself. You can set expectations, encourage a call to action, or even offer a discount to your new contacts during this series. In this automation, your new contacts are sent a series of three […]

Trigger emails to new contacts and track engagement

Welcome series are a staple of marketing automation. You send out messages to your new contacts to set expectations, introduce yourself, and set a call to action for the first steps you want the contacts to take. But why not start personalizing even then? This automation sends out your welcome messaging while also tracking how […]

Send a 1:1 email and notification for new Salesforce deals

Getting a new deal in your pipeline is a reason to celebrate! A new contact who is interested in working with you or making a purchase helps your business grow. But properly setting the deal up for success can be tricky. That’s why so many businesses test and retest sales processes and goals. But what […]