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Ensure every email you send captures attention and converts it into revenue with our design tools, giving you complete control over your email's look and feel.

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No design experience needed

Create on-brand, engaging content with just a few clicks. Our email designer allows anyone on your team to easily craft professional-looking emails. Simply select and arrange the elements as desired.

Master the basics every time

Build trust with your audience through consistent branded communication. Ensure you have an attention-grabbing headline, a compelling call to action, and an easy method to import your images.

Have persuasive copy ready to convert? Our heading blocks ensure it’s the first thing your audience sees.

Effortlessly format your email to your liking with our flexible layout options, including multiple resizable columns and customizable spacers.

Whether you want a bold call to action or something more subtle, you can create it easily. Customize the shape, color, border, alignment, and more to suit your needs.

Simply click and drag to import your favorite images into Sales Titan, then effortlessly position them wherever you like.

Tailor emails for every customer with dynamic blocks.

Once you've mastered the fundamentals, it's time to incorporate features that boost engagement. Here are some of our top picks.


Are you counting down to a major event or hosting a limited-time sale? We've streamlined the process of creating dynamic timers that provide each customer with an accurate countdown.


Incorporate your promotional videos directly into your emails to unlock additional storytelling possibilities.

Social icons

Easily guide customers to your social media platforms with our pre-built options, including YouTube, X, Instagram, and Facebook.


Empower your customers to choose their own journey. Craft customizable menus offering multiple click-through options to any destination.

Your creativity is the only limit.

When aiming for more ambitious designs, we equip you with the tools to delve deeper.

Advanced users will appreciate our HTML editor, offering full access to the code behind your email designs. Create without limitations, crafting whatever you need.

Transform your custom fields into personalized tags, also known as merge fields, ready for immediate implementation in your emails.

Swap out various images and text for different segments, ensuring everyone receives a seamless, targeted experience. Utilize conditional content and AI-powered predictive content based on user engagement data to enhance personalization.

Optimize for any device—desktop, mobile, and every screen size in between. Preview each option before sending to ensure a flawless display.

Generative AI

Craft compelling copy effortlessly with just a click. Leverage AI to generate personalized content at scale, fueling on-brand campaigns with a consistent tone of voice, and instantly generating subject line ideas.

Split Testing

Go beyond traditional A/B testing for your campaigns; conduct A/B/C/D/E testing instead. Compare the performance of up to five options and consistently choose the most successful variation.

Dynamic Content

Ensure tailored content for every recipient without fail. Craft dynamic and conditional content blocks that display unique copy or media for each user.

Email Marketing

Create, send, automate, and monitor personalized email marketing campaigns to expand your business.

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