Audience Win Probability

Don't guess—anticipate with AI.

By prioritizing your deals, you can determine when to nurture them with automations and when to incorporate a more personal approach.


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Focus on prioritizing the correct deals.

Forecast new business wins and losses efficiently by concentrating on the opportunities with the highest likelihood of closing.

Our win probability feature delivers real-time updates, assigning each opportunity a percentage indicating its likelihood of closure. This allows you to direct your attention towards the most promising prospects.

See win probability in action.

Consider how a real estate agent could utilize win probability to finalize a deal.

Display lead schedules for the upcoming day.

Your win probability receives a boost when a lead schedules a showing, followed by an automated follow-up email.

Lead disregards email.

If your lead doesn’t open your follow-up email, it diminishes the likelihood of closure. Maintain momentum by following up with a phone call!

Show three more houses

The phone call proves successful as your lead chooses to view three additional houses. Their engagement boosts the score accordingly.

Lead makes an offer

The deal remains pending, but when leads make an offer, the likelihood of closure with you is very high. Congratulations!

Elevate your sales forecasting to new heights.

Utilize our win probability tool to forecast the potential outcomes for the next month, quarter, or year. Leverage the AI-generated win scores to predict your revenue and empower your team to make well-informed business decisions.


Evaluate your pipeline with up-to-the-minute insights.

Utilize your metrics to enhance your new business processes and initiate revenue generation.

Cease investing time and resources on low-probability prospects. Direct your efforts towards prospects with a high win probability instead.


Adjust points based on your customers’ actions and behaviors, providing you with a real-time metric indicating their level of engagement.

Utilize data to closely monitor your pipeline and predict which deals will translate into revenue. Avoid surprises at the end of the month by staying informed.

Ensure the handoff occurs at the optimal moment, providing your sales team with a continuous stream of engaged leads ready to be converted.

Site & Event Tracking

Effortlessly monitor user behaviors and actions on your website, gathering actionable insights about your contacts and customers.



Consolidate your lead management using our robust CRM tool. Effortlessly track your prospects from their first interaction to finalizing the deal.


Utilize our comprehensive reporting tools to monitor your campaign's effectiveness, grasp your ROI, and identify any shortcomings within your marketing strategy.


Lead Scoring

Assign a point-based score to each contact and define which actions or behaviors contribute or subtract points. Concentrate your efforts on leads with the highest value.


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