Audience Segmentation

Sharper segmentation, more impactful campaigns

Segmentation enables you to discover more effective methods of reaching your audience based on their individual preferences and behavior. Begin leveraging data to construct more robust campaigns that generate higher conversions.

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Approach each interaction as a unique encounter with a person, not merely a listing of names.

Our segmentation capabilities enhance the value derived from your audience data.

Understanding your customers and their preferences lays the groundwork for tailored experiences that boost open rates, engagement, and revenue.

Easily generate pertinent and significant categories.

Develop an exclusive method for structuring your data that suits both your business and your customer demographic.

Lists serve as the most general method for segmenting your contacts, typically constituting the initial stage of segmentation. Begin by assigning contacts to appropriate lists.

Assign distinctive tags to each customer and monitor their interests and concerns.

Establish segments to categorize contacts according to their tags, custom fields, and preferences.

Cluster relevant contacts based on their tags, preferences, purchase history, and additional criteria.

Segment according to the metrics that matter to you.

Numerous methods exist to construct a structured contact list that maximizes the utility of your data. You can generate segments from nearly any data field.

Develop improved methods for storing your invaluable customer data.

We provide you with the means to collect, store, and utilize data throughout your campaigns, empowering you to deliver more tailored customer experiences.

Utilize the data from our comprehensive CRM to enhance your audience management. Incorporate new tags or custom fields depending on the stage of the sales funnel where your contacts are located.

Custom objects are unified data models that enable you to bring almost any data from across your business into Sales titan You can better organize it, get insights from it, and share it with hundreds of integrated apps.

Our event tracking features offer enhanced insights into the actions users undertake while navigating your website. Leverage their behaviors to incorporate new custom fields, tags, and other elements.

Access your saved segments whenever you need them. Generate new segments from an advanced search, and review your past searches effortlessly.

Automations amplify the effectiveness of segmentation on your behalf.

Increased granularity doesn't equate to increased time investment. Establish robust automations that segment your contact list according to their priorities, saving you time.

Follow the entire customer journey

Monitor customers throughout your campaigns and assign them to pertinent segments based on their actions.

Find the most engaged leads

Effortlessly identify and emphasize your most engaged contacts by automatically tagging those who engage with your campaigns.

Keep track of conversions

When a contact makes a purchase, you can place them in a list or group to ensure they receive only relevant promotions in the future. Utilize purchase data to capitalize on upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Target different locations with unique campaigns

Automatically categorize new prospects into lists and groups according to their geographical location. Specify as precisely as desired, from country to city to neighborhood.

Email advertising

Develop, dispatch, automate, and track tailored email marketing campaigns to grow your business.

Split Testing

Move beyond A/B testing for your campaigns; instead, conduct A/B/C/D/E testing. Compare the performance of up to five options and consistently select the winning variation.


Organize and tag contacts, utilizing your data to create more relevant user journeys for each customer.

Automation Recipes

Enhance productivity with our selection of pre-designed automations. We've assembled ready-to-use workflows customized for various industries, allowing you to deploy robust automations right away.

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