Audience Lead scoring

Utilize lead scoring to expedite the identification and qualification of leads.

Concentrate your efforts, prioritize critical leads, and boost revenue. Our robust lead scoring capabilities assist you in pinpointing high-value contacts and opportunities.

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See how engaged each contact is at a glance

What is a lead score? It's a straightforward metric that evaluates your contacts' activities.

Do they visit your site? Open an email? Submit a form? These actions contribute to their lead score, which fluctuates based on their interactions with your business.

Streamline your sales workflow

Lead scoring simplifies the process of converting pipelines into revenue. Utilize lead scores to concentrate your efforts on contacts with the highest likelihood of becoming customers.

Automatically initiate email notifications and task assignments based on lead score changes, ensuring timely follow-up with deals most likely to be closed.

Initiate automation when a contact reaches a specific score. Automatically provide your most engaged contacts with the necessary information, then present them with an irresistible offer.

Assign scores to individual contacts based on their actions and interests. Alternatively, allocate a score to an entire deal, allowing you to gauge the likelihood of closure even if your primary contact changes.

What if you offer multiple products or different services? You can establish multiple lead scores to track interest for each of your offerings individually.

Modify a score based on any criterion.

Monitor and assign scores to actions that align with your business objectives. Here are just a few of the numerous options available.

Win Probability

Enhance your marketing and sales strategies by forecasting which deals are most probable to close. Our win probability feature employs AI to assess each deal and assign a score based on pertinent metrics.


Consolidate lead management with our comprehensive CRM tool. Track prospects from initial contact to deal closure seamlessly.


Utilize our comprehensive reporting tools to track your campaign's effectiveness, comprehend your ROI, and identify any shortcomings within your marketing strategy.



Utilize your data to attribute every conversion accurately and prioritize your channels based on campaign effectiveness.


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