Audience Custom Object

Leverage data from all facets of your business.

Construct robust unified data structures that utilize your entire technology stack to drive personalized marketing automations.

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Expand the scope of your marketing automation platform.

Custom objects serve as specialized compartments within your contact records to accommodate diverse types of data pertinent to your business operations.

For instance, if you operate a music store that provides lessons, you could create a custom object to store information about offered instruments or instructor schedules. Subsequently, you can utilize these data points to initiate automated emails and campaigns.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of every customer relationship.

Custom objects broaden and enhance the data you can capture in standard objects like contacts, accounts, and deals. Additionally, you can record multiple instances of each data set to construct a comprehensive historical record of all pertinent touchpoints.

Craft robust workflows utilizing data from the apps, tools, or spreadsheets you currently employ to manage your business.


Comprehend every interaction with your customers in real-time, retaining full historical context.


Collect and retain vital information about your contacts from various sources within your marketing infrastructure to construct more pertinent segments and campaigns.

Exceed customer expectations by employing actionable data to craft personalized experiences that foster growth.

Act on what truly holds significance for your customers.

Utilize the data gathered from custom objects to foster more significant experiences for your contact list.

Boost your campaigns with data from
your marketing stack

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Gain insights into your customer connections.

With a comprehensive record detailing every customer’s interaction with your business, you can automate the most pertinent experience imaginable.

Leverage data from all areas of your business.

Effortlessly generate and oversee any custom objects you can envision directly within the application. Construct and host your own integration using our custom objects API.

Gain insights into all your active deals.

Utilize distinctive customer actions that you define to ensure continuous progress of open deals through your pipeline.

Access account data through a unified view.

Access all pertinent account information readily and at your disposal for utilization in your marketing and sales endeavors.

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Dynamic Content

Deliver tailored content to each individual consistently. Establish dynamic and conditional content blocks that display varied copy or media for every user.


Centralize your lead management with our comprehensive CRM tool. Track your prospects from the initial interaction to the final deal closure seamlessly.


Organize and categorize contacts, utilizing your data to create more relevant user journeys for each customer.


Leverage our holistic reporting tools to track your campaign's value, understand your ROI, and pinpoint gaps across your marketing strategy.

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