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Streamline your workflow and expedite deal closures.

Automate meaningful outreach throughout the entire sales cycle, ensuring that your new business endeavors are more effective than ever before.

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Monitor, oversee, and automate your processes using a single platform.

Automating contact management, lead scoring, deal monitoring, pipeline tracking, and task management eliminates time-consuming tasks. Our CRM ensures seamless progression throughout your entire sales process. With built-in automation handling everything, you can concentrate on sales.

We simplify the process of increasing revenue.

Bid farewell to monotonous tasks throughout your sales workflow. Monitor your prospects and ensure you're prepared to engage with them across every channel.

Trigger a notification or Slack message whenever there’s a change regarding a contact or when they complete a specific action.

Monitor and segment the sales outreach process, enabling you to provide a seamless buying experience for each customer.


Stay on top of every detail with automations. Sync your contact fields with our CRM to ensure you always have the latest information.

Automate tailored content according to order sizes, response times, and other parameters. Ensure that each contact receives a customized flow that suits their needs.

Stay ahead of the curve with pipelines at your disposal.

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Our pipelines feature provides you with the flexibility to monitor all your active deals and afford every prospect the attention they deserve.

Chart the customer journey.

Monitor leads from the initial awareness stage to eventual conversion.

Create distinctive workflows.
Every prospect embarks on a unique journey. Now, every workflow can have one to match. Establish multiple pipelines, each with its own distinct stages.
Craft stages that align with your preferences.

Provide distinct stages tailored for different members of your organization, allowing them to concentrate on the information pertinent to their roles.

Discover fresh opportunities.
Utilize data from your entire customer base to identify new cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Visualize and construct your ideal sales workflow.

Select the appearance of your pipelines, ranging from Kanban-style boards to various types of lists. Additionally, customize each deal card, enabling you to visualize opportunities and objectives in a manner that best suits your team.


Monitor each opportunity as an individual deal.

Deals serve as a method to recognize qualified leads as potential sales opportunities. These are contacts that are no longer inactive in your database; they're now part of your pipeline and progressing towards becoming customers.

Our lead scoring functionality assists you in identifying the top opportunities by analyzing your prospects’ actions and behaviors.

Ensure that the appropriate sales representative receives the suitable opportunities every time with our robust sales routing options.

When you have precise knowledge of the value of each deal, you can prioritize the right opportunities. Our deal scoring feature assigns a numerical value to each of your deals: the higher the score, the better the deal.

Leverage automations to seamlessly generate and adjust deals within our CRM using data from various sources across your marketing stack.

Probability of Winning

Enhance your marketing and sales endeavors by forecasting which deals are most likely to be successful. Our win probability feature employs AI to assess each deal and assign them a score based on pertinent metrics.


Utilize our comprehensive reporting tools to monitor your campaign's efficacy, comprehend your ROI, and identify gaps within your marketing strategy.


Categorize and tag contacts, utilizing your data to create more relevant user journeys for each customer.

1:1 Email

Craft and expand highly personalized email sequences directly from your personal mailbox to foster stronger connections with your prospects and customers.

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