Audience 1-1 email

Strengthen relationships through personalized 1:1 email interactions.

Utilize 1:1 emails to initiate, expand, and automate personalized conversations with your contacts. Establish new touchpoints, facilitate threaded replies, and convert leads into customers.


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Add a personal touch to your outreach efforts.

People prefer purchasing from people. Intelligent marketing automation enables you to upscale the 1:1 interactions that foster new business, allowing you to allocate time for delivering more personalized experiences to each customer.


Secure your sales pipeline with meaningful conversations

Utilize 1:1 emails to ensure that every aspect of your outreach aligns perfectly with your outbound strategy. Bolster your pipeline by providing everyone with a consistent message.

Boost click-through rates and engagement by consistently sending each contact highly relevant email content.

Revolutionize your sales process by expanding the impactful 1:1 interactions that fuel new business growth.

Leverage 1:1 emails to complement your other automated campaigns, such as newsletters and email nurtures. Achieve an optimal blend of curated content and personalized conversations.

Close deals faster by starting more specific conversations. Get into the details faster and hone in on more relevant topics.

Incorporate your own tools to tailor experiences for each individual.

Automatically steer your leads toward the next step in your journey with our integrations. Utilize data from your apps to determine precisely when to initiate a personalized 1:1 email sequence.

Effortlessly schedule meetings and share your available calendar slots with prospects and customers.

Redirect email threads to more personalized channels using our messaging integrations.

Provide instant notifications to your sales, marketing, and support teams the moment a customer requires assistance.

Leverage your data in Salesforce to pinpoint exactly when customers require those crucial 1:1 interactions.

Forge deeper 1:1 experiences.

With our distinctive 1:1 email capabilities, you can construct more personalized user journeys and create meaningful purchasing experiences for each customer.

Message variables are text bodies that enable you to allocate a personalization tag for any one-time campaign or 1:1 message.

Observe how your contacts engage with your 1:1 outreach and identify which personal approach garners the most attention.

Our platform enables you to utilize multiple domains for sending 1:1 emails, empowering you to manage various relationships and campaigns from a single location.

Infuse your outreach with a more personal touch, ensuring every customer feels like they’re conversing with a genuine individual behind the screen.

Win Probability

Enhance your marketing and sales endeavors by forecasting which deals are most likely to close. Our win probability feature utilizes AI to evaluate each deal and assign a score based on relevant metrics.


Centralize lead management with our comprehensive CRM tool. Monitor your prospects from their initial interaction all the way through to closing the deal.

Dynamic Content

Ensure each recipient receives tailored content every time. Craft dynamic and conditional content blocks that display distinct copy or media for each user.

Lead Scoring

Assign a point-based score to each contact and define which actions or behaviors contribute to or detract from their score. Concentrate your efforts on leads with the highest value.


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