Getting a new deal in your pipeline is a reason to celebrate! A new contact who is interested in working with you or making a purchase helps your business grow. But properly setting the deal up for success can be tricky. That’s why so many businesses test and retest sales processes and goals. But what if you could ensure your deal is set up for success from the beginning?

With this automation, your new deal has a contact created for them in Salesforce, is reached out to by a sales agent personally using our 1:1 Email feature, and your team is notified of the new deal and all relevant details via Slack. A three pronged approach designed to cover your bases and set the deal up to be won.

How Salesforce New Contact Outreach and Notification works:

1. The automation is triggered when your deal enters a pipeline.
2. They arrive at a “Create a contact in Salesforce” action and a record is created in your Salesforce CRM.
3. The contact then reached a “Send 1:1 Email” step, triggering a drafted email to be sent from the deal owner’s personal email address.
4. The contact arrives at a “Post Message to Slack” action, notifying your team of the new deal and any relevant details.
5. They reach an “Add task” action, setting up the next task for the deal owner to take, such as a call or LinkedIn message.
6. The contact exits the automation.

Note: Feel free to add any more messages and actions that make sense for your business to set the deal up for success.

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